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Genieholdings.com, Inc. has a culture of "giving back to those less fortunate".  We are all actively involved in charitable causes where we live and have extended this culture to our families and day to day lives.

As a company Genieholdings.com supports the following charitable causes close to our hearts:
Falling Whistles

FALLING WHISTLES - A campaign for peace in Congo

Our founders, having been born in Africa, have an affinity for the continent and when they saw the great injustice being done to little children in Congo they decided to join the Falling Whistle cause. Read the story about these young children being sent to the front-lines of war armed with a whistle... Read the story at www.fallingwhistles.com and purchase a whistle and wear it to blow the whistle on this injustice in Congo.
 World Vision

WORLD VISION - Sponsor a child

Genieholdings.com has sponsored several children over the past few years through World Vision's, Sponsor a Child program. For just $39 / month you are able to make a huge difference in a child's life. Consider sponsoring a child by going to http://www.worldvision.com.